Best Price Guaranteed
The Lokha Legian Resort & Spa committed to ensuring you are confident in booking with us directly on our The Lokha Legian Resort & Spa website by offering you the best price guaranteed online.

No Booking Fees and Fully Flexible Reservations
By booking on The Lokha Legian Resort & Spa website, you can be confident in your reservation since we:

  1. Have no booking fees.
  2. Are secure and safe.
  3. Have all room types available.
  4. Display the most up-to-date information and pictures.

Personalised Service
Our team are here to help and are only phone call or email away, 24 hours a day. You will be able to personally contact each Hotel and speak to a team member onsite regarding your booking, rather than be directed to a call centre.

Enjoy Special Offers, Premier Room Choices, Perks and Upgrades

From the moment you book direct on our website, you’ll receive access to our best room, exclusive offers and packages, top perks and most appealing extras.

Booking direct via our hotel’s website is the best way to book. Here’s why:

  • Best Rate Guaranteed: We guarantee you will not find a lower rate anywhere else online.
  • Website-Only Promotions: We often offer website-only packages, exclusive offers, and value-adds unique to our website.
  • Gain exclusive access to future promotions and special offers.
  • Your Reservation is guaranteed! We guarantee your reservation and will provide a complimentary upgrade if your room type is not available due to stay extensions by other guests or other extenuating circumstances
  • Secure Online Reservations: Our website utilizes an industry-leading reservation system, automatically encrypting all personal information before being transmitted online.
  • Full Access to All Room: When you book direct via our website, you will enjoy access to all available room and all room layouts, providing you with the information and access necessary to meet your needs.
  • There are no Booking Fees or any hidden fees or taxes applied when you book direct on our website.
  • The Best Visual and Descriptive Information on Our Property is only available on our website. Our site provides the most comprehensive descriptions of our on-site services and amenities, special offers, promotions and packages, upcoming events, nearby destinations, local activities and points of interest. Using our site to guide your visit is the best way to make your stay memorable.

Book direct on www.thelokhalegian.com today to make the most of your next stay.



Why Book Direct?

From the moment you book direct on our website, you’ll receive access to our best room and rates, exclusive offers and packages, top perks, and most appealing extras.



Terms & Conditions


Santhini Bali Corporate and its business units recognize you as an important customer. We want you to have a wonderful time and experience during your stay with us. We always strive to exceed your expectation to ensure your greatest satisfaction. As a part of our commitment, we have arranged a customer privacy protection policy because we take the issue very seriously. The Privacy Policy aims to help you become familiar with how we collect, use and disclose the personal information from our guests and website visitors in order to serve you better.

By visiting the Santhini Bali Corporate and its business units websites and providing your personal information to us, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. Please also review this Privacy Policy very carefully before visiting our websites.


Personal information refers to the information that identifies you as an individual. The information includes:

  1. Name, age,  gender, street address, telephone number, occupation, nationality, passport number, date and place of issue, business title
  2. Reservation information, date of arrival and departure, special requests made, information about your service preferences, travel history
  3. Payment information, credit card and debit card information
  4. E-mail address, social media account


Santhini Bali Corporate and its business units ensures that we deal with all the personal data collected to us only to fulfill our obligations. This includes:

  1. To provide the services that you request, ensuring each is effectively and efficiently attended to. This services extends to facilitating reservations, sending confirmation letters, and providing you with other information’s.
  2. To send you notifications regarding on our special events, promotions and offers related to Santhini Bali Corporate business units.
  3. To process all the administrative information, for example to process credit transactions or any other payment methods.
  4. To process and respond to guest inquiries.
  5. To personalize your experience staying in one of our hotels or villas by providing customized products and services for your own needs.
  6. To comply with legal process or other legal requirements of any governmental authorities and related issues.
  7. To assist our business purposes, including audits, data analysis, security and fraud monitoring and prevention, research and development, trend analysis, enhancing our services, as well as operating and expanding our business activities.
  8. To assist with our loyalty programs where we can send information regarding account information, right to benefits, membership points and also manage point rewards.


We collect Personal Information in various ways, including:

Through our Website
When you visit our website, you will be given a “cookie” and it assigns each computer with ID number. Therefore, the personal information is automatically collected to us through the use of “cookies”, which are small text files we use to recognize each users and facilitate unique users’ access of our websites, as well as tracking each user’s preferences. This allows us to gather data and information to continuously improve our product and services resulting for better experience for customers.
By accessing our website, you agree that we can place cookies in your device.  If you do not wish us to collect information using cookies, you can just change the setting of your browser that can either allow or deny the cookie feature. Please be advised, however, that you may be restricted from using some of our services or features provided on our website.

Through Information Requests and E-mail Subscription
When requesting about any inquiry for further information, you will need to fill out a form that includes all your contact information. It should be noted that all information gathered is secure.
You may also wish to submit your e-mail address to join our subscription mailing list in order to receive more information regarding Santhini Bali Corporate units, as well as our news, special events, offers and promotions. Please be advised that Santhini Bali Corporate and its units does not and will never sell or rent our databases to outside parties.

During Make a Reservations
To make a reservation for our hotels or villas, you will need to share personal information, including name, address, contact details, credit card details as well as the preferred method of payment process. Those personal information that we collected during your reservation will be communicated directly to Santhini Bali Corporate.
When you make direct booking through our Santhini Bali Corporate website or Central Reservation Officer, you will be given a confirmation letter regarding on your stay reservation. Please note that all of the information we received during the process is secured. Important information such as credit card numbers is our responsibility to protect. Rest assured, important information such as credit card numbers is kept confidential.

During Stay at Santhini Bali Corporate Units
When staying in one of Santhini Bali Corporate properties, we also record your transactions in order to create your personalized guest profile / we keep record of your transactions to create and assist us in our financial reporting system. We may also collect personal information as required by local laws such as passport number and the date and place of issue. Other information that are related to your stays would also be gathered, including any special requests, service issues, etc.
Additionally, we may retain the document that are collected before, during and after your stay at Santhini Bali Corporate units. Those documents include, but not limited to letters, comment cards, e-mails and other form of communications.

Disclosure or Sharing of Personal Information
Santhini Bali Corporate and its business units may share your personal information with and only among our hotel properties, trusted partners, affiliates and non-affiliates, whether in Bali, other cities in Indonesia or abroad. Your Personal Information may be shared to assist some services we provide as a local brand.

  • Reservation purposes. The Personal Information is shared with either our Central Reservation Officer and applicable hotel reservations in order to ensure that we meet your reservation requests. Those include your preferences, details of your stay, rooms or accommodation type.
  • Within Santhini Bali Corporate group. We may share your Personal Information to other brands that we manage with the purpose stated in this Privacy Policy, such as providing you with marketing communications in regards to your preferences.
  • To Our Complimentary Service Providers. We may disclose your Personal Information to both our managed service providers and third party providers who offer services such as spas and restaurants, karaoke pods, payment processing, IT provision, customer service, email follow-ups, auditing, data analysis, and other services.
  • Travel Related Services. We may disclose your Personal Information with our selected trustworthy third-parties whom we have agreements that give them authority to offer Santhini Bali Corporate products and services for you.
  • When you connect your social media account with ours, you agree to give us authority to access and share information with your social media provider, in which the information is governed by the social media site’s privacy policy.

Furthermore, please note that only necessary and relevant information will be shared, related with the cross-marketing purposes, identity verification, purchase or credit transaction processes, special service requests provisions, compliance with government-related matters, national emergency, security concerns and other situations in which Santhini Bali Corporate deems necessary to disclose relevant information.

Storing the Personal Information
All of the Personal Information that we have collected will be stored for a reasonable period of time which is applicable by law. Please be advised that the information may be stored indefinitely by Santhini Bali Corporate Group as long as there is a business relation or purpose. However, we may dispose your personal information if you have not done transaction with us in a number of years.


Our company, Santhini Bali Corporate is founded on the Traditions of Excellence originated in 2001 in Bali. We embrace the four pillars: Genuine Service, Innovation, Captivation of the Senses and Design. Each brand excels in its own market by focusing on their alluring brand essence.

We genuinely care about our guests. By knowing their needs and wants, we create memorable experiences for them. Our management team are our most valuable asset. We foster an engaging and respectful work environment for them to achieve their career aspirations. Every colleague lives the values and practices the essentials to create the Santhini Bali Corporate culture.

We align ourselves with the interests of our stakeholders. We take ownership of the success of our hotels and of the company. Bali is our home and we are committed to maintaining it for future generations.