Wedding Celebration

Congratulations!  You finally found the best venue for wedding ceremony in Bali.  Everybody knew that getting married is one of the most beautiful and memorable times of your life.  However, it can easily become one of the most stressful!  With all the many decisions that you have to make, with all the expenses, deadlines and with family members’ input, it’s easy to see why even the most well-inattention couple can become frazzled.

We still remember a memorable quote “From this day forward, the journey begins . . . two hearts and two lives joined as one!” we value your singular desires as a couple.  Come bring your passion, your sense of style and make your wedding the most memorable day of your life, we welcome the opportunity to serve and celebrate with you in personalizing your dream wedding ceremony come true!  your personal wedding vows are a precious expression of your ongoing love and commitment for each other.

So, what and where are a bride to do?  based on our motto “Family & Friendly” The Lokha Legian team can offer the following wedding planning solutions to help you deal with any stress that might arise and teach you how to stay in balance. Should you need more question regarding the wedding event, please do not hesitate to email us :